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Do you know how much energy your building uses? If not, you are not alone. Understanding and tracking your building’s energy use from utility bills is complicated and time consuming. Yet it is also the first step in identifying whether or not your building is an energy hog and where to focus your energy improvements.

WegoWise is an on-line tool for monitoring and analyzing the energy use of multifamily and single family housing. This user-friendly tool requires a one time entry of basic information about the building and its utility accounts. Each month, WegoWise downloads current energy use information directly from your utility company and organizes that information in a way that allows you to easily see trends and patterns in your usage. WegoWise also easily allows a building owner or manager to compare their building’s energy use to other similar buildings.

The key features of WegoWise are that it:

  • requires only a one time entry of building and utility account information
  • provides easy comparison of utility usage between similar buildings
  • calculates actual carbon dioxide emissions based upon actual usage
  • is flexible enough to be used by both portfolio managers with multiple developments and properties as well as single family homeowners
  • will provide helpful cues for targeting energy use problems and resources for implementing the appropriate conservation measures.
  • will incorporate a social networking tool that will allow users of similar backgrounds to share their experience in reducing energy consumption in their buildings.

Learn more about WegoWise here: www.wegowise.com.

The WegoWise blog, focused on utility benchmarking and green property management, is also a great source of information. Read their latest article here: blog.wegowise.com.